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HR Director (Interim) at Lucozade Ribena Suntory Limited

Suzanne is a very effective Coach and management development professional. She is creative and adaptable and has a very engaging manner and I would recommend her to work with all levels.

Christine Lambert, HR Director (Interim) at Lucozade Ribena Suntory Limited

Suzanne and I co facilitate the Association for Coaching Co coaching forum in Welwyn Garden City. Suzanne has great energy and passion for coaching and is a great advocate for the coaching profession. Personally and professionally she is lovely to work alongside. She is always really positive with a great can do attitude.

I’m very happy to recommend Suzanne


Maria Iliffe-Wood, Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Speaker and Author of Coaching Presence.

“Recently Suzanne has supported me as part of the Executive Coaching Programme. She has the utmost integrity and quickly builds a trusting and supportive relationship. She challenges your motivation and thinking, and the outcome is clear actions and importantly the confidence to deal important business challenges. I found her coaching inspirational and would highly recommend Suzanne.”

Contact Centre Manager

“I met Suzanne through her work in creating an expert team of leadership coaches within the organisation. Suzanne is passionate about coaching and self led development and this comes across very naturally in her personality. Suzanne has helped me fine tune my coaching skills to great effect and I find her enthusiasm inspiring. I would recommend Suzanne wholeheartedly for anyone who is serious about pushing leadership development to the next level.”

Head of Multichannel, Everything Everywhere Ltd

“I worked with Suzanne at T Mobile for several years. She appears as calm and considered but she also harbours a burning passion for her work. Her passion is coaching. She helped awake in me an understanding of the possibility of creating a coaching culture in T Mobile and how we could go about creating it. She is compelling and persuasive when seeking support and resources for her work and is therefore highly effective at creating and sustaining initiatives that create a real difference. More than this though, Suzanne has an integrity and authenticity that make people want to work with her. I regularly received feedback from around the organisation about how Suzanne had helped make a change to people’s mind-set and self-belief. A wonderful capability to have but one that is carried off with a humble and unassuming manner. Her ability to make a difference to people ensures that she has a great network – even now, years after leaving T Mobile I meet people who ask whether I know Suzanne and how great she is (the latest being at a Conference just last week!). Finally, but just as importantly, Suzanne is great fun to work with. She has a gentle but dry sense of humour and lots of energy. Suzanne is fab!!”

Head of Organisational Performance, T-Mobile

Suzanne is a passionate and knowledgeable person who manages to inspire the people in the training groups she is facilitating. I have had the benefit of being supported by Suzanne on a number of occasions and she has a great ability of making learning fun (even the most mundane subject matter!)

Outside of the training sessions Suzanne is keen to ensure that learning and development still happens and has been able to provide guidance and support for me as an expert in coaching skills which has helped me develop my own skills in this area.

Elliott Lawrence, Head of Digital for Business & Non-consumer at EE

Suzanne is a fantastic people person. She has an amazing way of making each person she works with feel at ease and makes the learning process very simple.
If you could pick one person to help train/teach a subject the Suzanne should be that person.

Srujan Shah, SAP Designer - Procurement and Supply Chain at Everything Everywhere Ltd

I would have no hesitation in recommending Suzanne, both from her personal, friendly approach and the delivery style of her Leadership and Management Development programmes.

She has limitless energy and passion for her field of speciality, and I can speak from personal experience, in that she evokes new thoughts and approaches to develop both the individual and the wider team. Her style of approach ensures that the recipient is comfortable in a given situation, challenged, and evolves existing and develops new skills to equip them fully with the challenges of today.

Suzanne is a prize asset, extremely approachable, emerses herself in all that she encounters and is able to effectively work and communicate at all levels

Angela Fleming, MBA, Group eCommerce Strategic Planning Manager at Bupa

Suzanne is a highly effective coach and mentor who supported me greatly during a time of career transition. She is insightful, warm and flexible with a variety of best practice approaches at her fingertips. Her coaching enabled me to be bold and make courageous career decisions.

Charlotte Goodban, Human Resources Manager

Suzanne has provided “Learn to Coach” training for my company. Excellent feedback from all of the participants and personally, I found Suzanne to be an inspirational, thought-provoking coach. She has a profound knowledge of the subject and delivers the training in a highly interactive and fun way. I would highly recommend Suzanne.

Claire Hilton, VP Technology Transformation Programmes at Deutsche Telekom (UK) Ltd

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