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Coaching and Training tool kit

What do you keep in your toolkit?

Coaching and Training learning and facilitation modules techniques tool kit

When was the last time you had a real rummage in your toolkit to see what was there?

How many tools and techniques did you discover that you had forgotten about?

Maybe you are building your toolkit and looking around for new ideas or tried and tested favourites.

Perhaps you need a fresh look at Appreciative Inquiry or the Use of Self ?

Here at Crocus we are pleased to share some of the tools and techniques we use to underpin our training, facilitation and coaching.

Please take a look and see what you can discover for your toolkit.

Click here to see a selection of those we use here at Crocus Coaching & Development


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Intel introduce Mindfulness for all..

Here and now past present future sign post imageIntel are launching a massive plan to bring Mindfulness to 100,000 employees in 68 countries. Employee volunteers who will be chosen very carefully will be trained and practiced in Mindfulness before they role the programme out to the masses. Well done Intel for following the likes of Google and Twitter. I believe we will start to see more of the large corporate bringing in ‘Mindfulness’ for employees.

Companies I have facilitated Mindfulness sessions with have all benefited from positive feedback, reflections and improved employee engagement. It’s the small to medium companies that I feel can really benefit, where sometimes polices and procedures are not always so clear and engagement surveys are not always in place, therefore the employees can be working in stressful, fractious environments. I certainly feel mindfulness can help build an engaged workforce who are more productive, self aware, non judgmental, focused and demonstrate compassion to others and themselves. All resulting in a win win for both the company and the employee.

What are your thoughts and experience of Mindfulness in the workplace?

Here at Crocus we have experience of delivering Mindfulness sessions to employees, trainers and individuals, if you are interested and wish to chat through ideas and options please contact myself directly.

eMail: suzanne @

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87% of employees feel disengaged in their jobs!

Why are only 13% of the  Global Workforce engaged in their jobs?
Head under laptop crocus coaching
87% of the global workforce feels as though they are not actively engaged in their jobs, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report.

Only 13% feel engaged, have job satisfaction in their work and are focused on creating value for their employer.

The report finds that companies with higher employee engagement see better results than those with low employee engagement. According to the report, companies with high levels of engagement make employee engagement an issue of high importance by discussing why it before measuring it.

They also make employee engagement an important goal for all managers; they select leaders based on their ability to effectively manage people; their measurement activity leads to actions and they provide training and coaching for company managers on effective employee engagement.

The report also found that there are three types of employers and those are engaged (13%), not engaged (63%) and actively disengaged (24%).

Companies with engaged employees see 240% improvement in business results.

Published 27-3-14

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? I certainly love my job and it helps me get up and get going each day…but for these 87% it must be such a struggle…

Let us at Crocus Coaching and Development discuss with you bespoke solutions to increase employee engagement through coaching, mentoring, self directed learning, development, well being and inspirational management. Read our testimonials to see how we have achieved results in each of these areas.

If your employees are engaged then you can count on your business profit and customer growth increasing as well as their engagement and fulfillment.

Please contact us for more information and costs.


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Crocus Coaching Values Fun

A little play at work – Some computer mouse exercise perhaps

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Welcome to Crocus Coaching and Development Website

Lets grow together

Lets grow together

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Want to to chat through something and see how we might help you? then please contact us.

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We are really looking forward to sharing, working and chatting with you very soon.

Frog with spawn

New Beginnings

Female Frog and Frogspawn

Spring is in the air at last, the Crocus have bloomed, the Dafs are reaching sky high and the Frogs are croaking in chorus as they enjoy some afternoon delight in the sunshine.

Here at Crocus Coaching and Development we are enjoying a busy start to the year, working with companies whose employees are fully engaged in their development and looking to become the best they can be…what an amazing job I have and equally  wonderful people with whom I work alongside.

Today was another day of facilitation around ‘Maximising your energy and time’ and ‘Presentation skills’ It was thought provoking asthe attendees travelled along an emotional journey  they experienced, relief, enlightenment, tears, moments of anxiety, laughter, fits of giggles, light bulb moments, knowledge, tips, friendship, empathy, feedback…the list goes on. Above all each person experienced a memorable feeling and as a result they will possibly do something different with their lives. 

Spring has sprung …new beginnings.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angel

Suzanne Izzard