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Training Overview

As professional Training Consultants Crocus has experience in facilitating and delivering a variety of personal and management development courses.

We use learning techniques that adapt to different learning styles and bring out the best in everyone.

Each course is designed to achieve specific learning objectives, is suitable for people at all levels and is available in a choice of interactive development workshops.

We know that each business is unique and has different requirements and needs. We can adapt and create bespoke programmes and courses to meet these needs.


All of our workshops are facilitated to encourage exploration, curiosity and the fundamental benefit of learning and sustaining this after the workshop. At Crocus we believe the 70-20-10 approach to development really embeds a participant’s learning and gives them the incentive to use all they have learned in the real world. Whether a two hour programme, a half or full day, our delegates leave with much more than knowledge, they leave with the benefit of a career and life developing experience.


70-20-10 Framework

The 70:20:10 framework is a learning and development model that blends on-the-job experiences (70%), feedback, coaching and networks (20%) and formal courses or reading (10%) to achieve optimal results.

It is based on research by Morgan McCall, Michael Lombaro, Robert Eichinger and colleagues from the Centre for Creative Leadership.

I first came across 70:20:10 at a Learning and Development Conference in 2005 where I heard Charles Jennings speaking about Informal learning and I subsequently read ‘Informal Learning’ by Jay Cross which I found invaluable.

Suzanne Sutton-Izzard
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Training Techniques

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