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Intel introduce Mindfulness for all..

Here and now past present future sign post imageIntel are launching a massive plan to bring Mindfulness to 100,000 employees in 68 countries. Employee volunteers who will be chosen very carefully will be trained and practiced in Mindfulness before they role the programme out to the masses. Well done Intel for following the likes of Google and Twitter. I believe we will start to see more of the large corporate bringing in ‘Mindfulness’ for employees.

Companies I have facilitated Mindfulness sessions with have all benefited from positive feedback, reflections and improved employee engagement. It’s the small to medium companies that I feel can really benefit, where sometimes polices and procedures are not always so clear and engagement surveys are not always in place, therefore the employees can be working in stressful, fractious environments. I certainly feel mindfulness can help build an engaged workforce who are more productive, self aware, non judgmental, focused and demonstrate compassion to others and themselves. All resulting in a win win for both the company and the employee.

What are your thoughts and experience of Mindfulness in the workplace?

Here at Crocus we have experience of delivering Mindfulness sessions to employees, trainers and individuals, if you are interested and wish to chat through ideas and options please contact myself directly.

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