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Open workshops for all

Training doesn’t have to be in the workplace or via your company

Individuals come to us to help with their career progression and life choices. (e.g.  returning to work, change of career, coping with pressure, personal branding)

We can help those just starting their career, business professionals or those making life changes and choices.

If you are interested in any of the following workshops please get in touch so we can inform you of the date and venue.

Some of the workshops can be taken as a one to one session or, if you prefer to get together with a small group, we can visit you and run a workshop in your home or at your group or club.  The benefits will be the same, although in a less formal atmosphere; we can negotiate a discount for a group and all you need do is provide a cup of tea and the premises.


Courses available

Coaching and mentoring training


2 – 4 hours

Well-being & stress reduction workshops

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