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Suzanne is a highly effective coach and mentor.”
Suzanne has integrity and authenticity that make people want to work with her.”

A Crocus Coach will help you make conscious choices about how you work and live. They want to see you discover, define, and develop and take ownership for your work and life and become the best you can be.

A Crocus Coach will help you discover an unknown level of self-awareness, and assist you in developing yourself towards reaching your goals and being successful.

Coaching isn’t something we do to people; it’s something we do with people. A coach helps you to be focused and move forward towards reaching your goals.

Through careful use of questioning a Coach will help you develop by building on your knowledge and insight.

What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Crocus views the key difference between the two methodologies as being the approach.

Coaching is often focused on a particular area and identified goals with clear outcomes. The coach is skilled in questioning and listening and enables the individual to find answers within themselves.

Mentoring is usually part of a longer term development plan which is less defined. Mentors are experts within particular fields and will share experience, open doors and widen the individual’s networks.

Crocus sees Coaching and Mentoring as having similarities, they link together very closely and both offer a way to facilitate analysis, reflection and action that will enable you to achieve success in life.

We help individuals, small businesses and large global companies
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