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Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

As Business Management Consultants we can help with…

Executive Coaching – Group Coaching – Individual Coaching – Managing high performance – Aspiring leaders – Coaching through Change – Presentation skills – Time Management – Work life balance – Stress management – Coping with pressure – Communication skills

Every organisation needs great leadership

Businesses face constant challenges, uncertainty and transformation in today’s world. Senior leaders and Managers are put under more pressure to perform, lead and get results whilst keeping costs low and employees engaged. This can result in an environment where new work practices are required to enable rapid decision making, new thinking, and working with ambiguity, uncertainty and change. In our experience, in these situations, Senior Leaders value having an expert coach, the space to reflect and talk through situations and strategies. Feedback indicates that this significantly increases their personal effectiveness during these times.

Those who choose to learn Coaching Skills themselves and have a coaching mindset have sustained success with their teams and achieve great results.

Coaching is available to meet specific business challenges. Our one to one coaching offers a confidential relationship which provides trust, challenge, encouragement and practical actions. We believe working closely with an individual provides a real opportunity to identify and support priority areas of need within the business.

This creates a more robust and resilient transitional framework to deliver the outcome that is required.

One to One or Group Coaching

Suggested aims and topics


In-Company Training   (on site or training centre)

Group courses available; please speak to us to discuss your requirements

Workshop example below:

Coaching and Mentoring Workshop – Day 1


Coaching and Mentoring workshop – Day 2 (can be 2-3 weeks after day 1)

All courses have online resources for support and to keep the Crocus community collaborating and sharing (e.g. free members access online resource page)

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